Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure in which various discolorations are removed from the surface of the teeth and the color itself becomes whiter. The whitening itself is one of the most popular procedures in dentistry and can significantly improve the appearance. The American Dental Association has published its comment that says: “Teeth whitening recommended by a dentist that is done at home, with products of renowned manufacturers, under the constant supervision of professional personnel in a relatively short time is an absolutely safe and effective way of teeth whitening”.

teeth whitetning laserTeeth whitening techniques in the dental centar with a laser (in office bleaching)


Involves the application of whitening gel onto the teeth in the dental centar during which highly concentrated bleaches are used, in strictly controlled conditions, with the protection of soft tissue and the activation of the gel with a laser beam. The procedure is fast.

Technique of controlled home teeth whitening (home whitening)

A procedure in which, after taking the jaw offprints, splints (trays) for the teeth are made for the patient, that serve as carriers for the whitening gel in home conditions. This procedure is very safe and simple as whitening gels of lower concentrations and of renowned manufacturers (Dentsply, Vivadent, Ultradent) are used, that do not damage the soft tissue. A patient can, after a short training in the dental centar, can easily bleach his own teeth, using the application tray loaded with gel during the night or day, and visiting the dentist only for periodical controls. Although this technique is relatively simple and cheaper than laser whitening the results appear gradually and during the whiteing abstinence of smoking and drinking heavily coloured substances (coffee, tea, cookies, red wine, etc.) is advised.


IMPORTANT – teeth whitenining does not damage the teeth structure!

As an undesirable phenomenon during teeth whiteninging a temporary tooth sensitivity to cold that occurs at 50% of the patients should be mentioned. In these cases the patient is advised to reduce the frequency of usage of the application tray (instead of each night – every second night), to reduce the concentration of the bleaching gel and treating the teeth with medecines that reduce the sensitivity of the teeth. This phenomenon is always of a transitory character.

teeth whitetning at home

Afterwhitening and the stabilization of the teeth color (after at least two weeks) all visible fillings should be replaced because their color does not match the color of the bleached teeth.

Non-vital teeth, so called “dead teeth”, are those whose nerves are extracted from the nerve root canal. Eventually these teeth change color and become noticeably darker than the surrounding “live” teeth. The procedure of tooth bleaching of these teeth lasts several days and, in most cases, it is possible to restore the previous color and glow.